Weekender 8/21

Best of the rest:

What? 80 million people aren’t exactly the same? Who could have guess that?

McDonald’s may make breakfast all day to boost sales, but this tactic might be even more effective.

There’s probably going to be a part 2 to my analysis of coors advertising but this one will be for bud light.

Subway was about to make it worse.

Next Week on Better Copy: Cognitive Biases in Marketing, Samsung’s Galaxy 3 Campaign, and Budweiser’s Buds for Buds

Weekender: Best of the rest

The week’s best articles in advertising:

  1. A man posed as a Target social media rep and trolled angry consumers. He lasted for 16 hours before the account was suspended.
  2. Female designers from around the world edit a photo of a woman to make her more beautiful according to their societal standards.
  3. This inspiring story of a teen model with Down Syndrome
  4. I’m not sure what made them think this was a good idea.

In case you missed it: Why Kleenex wants you to call it a tissue (kinda)

Our most popular story : Celebrity Endorsements are the worst. Why do so many companies use them?

Next week:

Samsung’s Brilliant Galaxy S3 commercial, Cognitive Biases in Advertising, and How World War 1 Changed Advertising

Enjoy the weekend!